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Where professional whitening meets affordable prices.

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Shining Smiles Family

Colby, Dezi

and Riley

Shining Smiles began as an idea. The idea that popular cosmetic enhancements (like teeth whitening) should be affordable to people of all economic backgrounds.

Before 2021, the only way Floridians could get a shining smile was to buy an "at-home" kit from the grocery store and wait months to see results or to pay the dentist far more than most normal people can afford. And typically, these in-office teeth whitening procedures require multiple unnecessary visits and waiting weeks or even months to schedule the appointments. We believed there must be a better way to get a white smile! And out of this frustration, Shining Smiles Teeth Whitening was born.

It’s our mission to make life changing cosmetic enhancements available to people of all economic backgrounds. That's why our whitening packages cost an average of 50% less than what your typical dentist will charge, and most importantly, you leave our office with real results the same day. Shining Smiles proudly uses only 100% vegan and USA-made products.

Our Dunedin Office

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