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The Shining Smiles Experience

A white smile not only is a pivotal aspect of self-confidence but also a major role in your first impression to other people. Unfortunately, due to the steep price for teeth whitening services and the health care system in this country, many people can't afford teeth whitening treatments. And sure, an at-home oral routine can improve the appearance of stains, but to remove long-term stains, an expert whitening is needed.

What Makes Shining Smiles Different From Traditional Teeth Whitening?

Unlike any dentist office with sterile smells, intimidating tools, and uncomfortable chairs, Shining Smiles' spa-like ambiance creates calming environment. Customers can watch Netflix in a relaxing setting, enjoy a complimentary Vitamin-E moisturizer and walk out with a bright smile in under two hours. From the moment you walk in, the staff greets you with shining smiles and explains the five-step, 60-minute process from start to finish.

Upon entering the facility, you are asked to fill out a short questionnaire to ensure you’re eligible for whitening. Next, you’re assigned to your own private room. A vitamin-E moisturizer is then applied over your lips to stay smooth and hydrated throughout the treatment.

What Happens at My Appointment?

(Trust the process)
You repeat this process three times in 20-minute increments while watching your favorite Netflix show from the comfort of your personal room. The service isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. It’s actually relaxing, as you sit back enjoying a TV series or movie.  After the 60-minute process, the whitening is complete, the team then provides you with an after-care diet instructions for the next 48 hours to ensure your results stay.

Then, the fun part: three-step whitening in your own relaxing space. You are given a mouth retractor  to keep your lips away and prime your teeth for the gel and LED light. A vitamin-E oil is applied to the gums to prevent sensitivity from the hydrogen peroxide gel. Next, you apply the whitening gel yourself from your own personal vile, making sure you apply it evenly over each tooth.

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